About us

In the life of each one of us comes a moment in which we need to get rid of the burden of our everyday life and replace it with an experience that will bring us back the joy of life. We at Vitality have dedicated our time and effort to provide you with not just luxury and quality accommodation, but the opportunity to create beautiful memories shared with your loved ones. Gift yourself tranquillity, combined with comfort and relaxation in our newly built guest house in May 2019 equipped with everything you need to experience home-made cosiness and luxury at affordable prices. Relax your spirit and body by taking advantage of the private sauna available in the property - you will feel the difference with the first entry.

Situated on 170 meters from the center of Veliko Tarnovo, the guest house enables you to experience the most essential part of the ancient city in within a walking distance. Relive Bulgaria’s history in the 18th-19th century by visiting the old part of Veliko Tarnovo where you will find many shops and restaurants that have preserved the spirit of the historical time. Visit the unique heritage of the Asenevtsi dynasty and their Tsarevets fortress, located a kilometer away, and relive their glorious history. As the night falls, replace the story with modernity and enjoy the many restaurants, bars and clubs that offer entertainment to all of your world-class senses.

Re-discover yourself and Veliko Tarnovo with our amazing guest house Vitality - Your beautiful memories are our motivation!