Spa Center

The day you get steamed is the day you do not grow old - Finnish proverb.

Our  Finnish SPA centre has everything you need to relax your body and purify your spirit. Adjust the temperature of the sauna according to your temperature tolerance and adjust the heating time with the easy-to-use control panel.  Apply water on the hot stones for extra steam and ionizing air effect. It has been proven that some of the positive effects of the sauna are due to the fact that water splashes on heavily heated stones lead to the formation of many negative ions in the air that improve breathing, increase the oxygen content of the blood, stimulate the cardiovascular system, remove the headache and stress and improve the ability to concentrate.

For a real Finnish experience, right after you come out of the sauna, pour the cold water bucket on yourself, located on the left of the sauna. A sudden change in temperature from хот to cold leads to an increase in blood circulation and the level of oxygen in the blood. In case your health does not allow you, you can take advantage of the available normal shower with available hot water and a showerhead with various functions.

If your body does not tolerate the temperature of the sauna, or you just want to extend your spa experience, take advantage of a heated relaxation bench with adjustable temperature and comfortable design. Immediately after using it, you will feel its beneficial effect on the physical and mental level, retreating from all accumulated muscle pain and stress.

Please, before using the sauna, read our recommendations for use on the wall at our SPA center. After a strenuous day, a hard workout or problems, stop at the SPA-room to:

If you are in the mood to exercise, our spa and wellness centre has a bicycle gauge with varying degrees of difficulty, according to your preferred to workout.

After a strenuous day, a hard workout or troublesome problems, check out the SPA room to:

• Clean the body with toxins

• Improves immunity

• Removes accumulated lactic acid

• Improve your blood circulation

• Get a softer and lively skin

• Calories burns

• Improve your mood and stop fatigue