Trapezitsa is the quarter-fortress of the capital Tarnovgrad. The Yantra River runs from three sides along the hill. Naturally protected by the tall rock wreath, the Trapezitsa hill had strong fortress walls following its curves. The area of ​​the fortress is about 80 acres. Numerous churches have been discovered here, excavations continuing today. Apart from the churches, another military complex and a large part of the fortification system have been discovered. Churches on the hill were richly decorated with frescoes and colorful mosaics. Plastic decoration has also been remarkable pilasters, niches, blind arches, and other architectural elements.

Besides the well-made alleys that make it possible to reach each of the buildings revealed, a small multimedia museum has been built for the most curious, which introduces visitors to the history of the hill. There is also a rich exhibition of objects found here. All this allows the visitor to get acquainted with the everyday life of the aristocracy and ordinary people in one of the city districts.


Work time:


April-October: 8.30 - 19.00


November-March: Pre-order for organized groups.


Visitors' entry is suspended 1 hour before the end of opening hours.